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Australian Workers Film Guide

90 Percent Men

An historical documentary that tells the story of the workers who built and operated the Australian railway network.

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ACTU Campaign Ads 2005

Television campaign ads highlighting the threat of Work Choices legislation to ordinary workers.

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AEU Tasmania Supports The TA Development Program

A corporate video by AEU Tasmania profiling the Tasmanian Education Department's Teacher Assistant Development program.

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Australian Trade Unions

A documentary telling the story of Australian Trade Unions and their place in contemporary Australian society. 

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Australian Unions – Working For A Better Life

A promotional video highlighting the contribution unions have made to improving the lives of Australian workers.

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CPSU Privatisation

A short video about threat of privatisation of Australia's water utilities.

Heat Hazards

An instructional video about heat hazards in the workplace.

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Industry Sharks

A conference video presentation about joining up divers in recreational diving industry to MUA.

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Let’s Rap About Skills

A promotional video about training and skills for young people.

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A conference video presentation recounting the efforts of offshore oil and gas workers to find common ground with employers.

Pearling – A Culture of Cover Up

A conference video presentation of about problems facing workers in the pearling industry in Western Australia.

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