A Safe Start

Australian Workers Film Guide


Commissioned by the Joint Coal Board, A Safe Start follows four new recruits as they are introduced to mine safety and equipment.  Opening with the four recruits talking on the surface and meeting a safety official, the men commence in the classroom where they learn about prohibited materials and the risk of explosion. This is followed by a trip to the bath house and lamp room, where they are shown how to use a self-rescuer. After trying them out, the recruits are taken into a smoky mines rescue station gallery to simulate an emergency. They are warned of the dangers of taking off the self-rescuer if gas is present and it starts to burn. This is followed by a safety lamp demonstration, scenes showing how to avoid moving shuttle cars, how to deal with gas and dust, moving machinery, coal and rock falls, the crib room, communications, roof support and some young trainees operating a simulator.

Special Notes/Achievements

This is the tenth of fifteen films in the Fitzgerald Collection.

Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 15 mins 39 secs

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