Interview With John Pez And Amanda

Australian Workers Film Guide


The interview concentrates on how the Federal Government fined workers over strike action, sending each worker a bill for over $28,000, something they cannot afford to pay, and feel is un-just anyway. They feel that the Australian government is out chasing them. They went on strike over what they believed to be an unsafe site, and didn’t want to work there. John received a $28,000 subpoena from the government and left the job. There was even a website were the names of 107 individuals being prosecuted were published. They try to turn us against one another, this they call un-Australian behaviour. Workers don’t have the money to pay and face uncertainty for the future. The subpoenas were issued by the Australian Building and Construction Commission. It is difficult when an individual has to face the state alone, in this case the Howard government. The State can send the sheriff around to confiscate personal property, and seize assets. The episode brought great stress in the family. The worker has less rights as an individual than if you commit a serious offence. Family shots at the end for later editing.

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Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 36 mins

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