Compassionate Gestures

Australian Workers Film Guide


This short film highlights the important role of nurses in providing compassion to patients and their worried families. A young boy in a hospital bed is watched by his loving and concerned father. In a number of scenes, a nurse takes time to comfort the father and provide words of encouragement. The film is without dialogue and is accompanied by music.

Special Notes/Achievements

  • Official selection – NSW Nurses and Midwives Association s Nurses & Midwives Short Film Festival (Aust), 2011
  • Third prize, Nurses & Midwives Short Film Festival (Aust), 2011

Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 5 mins

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Film Producer: Barbara Lisa Marino, Alberto Marino,

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Film Key Cast: Mark Sarmiento – Husband, Susan Curley – Compassionate Nurse,

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