Fair, Just, Safe

Australian Workers Film Guide


A promotional video released by the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance highlighting the struggles, campaigns and efforts of performers and their union to improve wages and conditions in the entertainment sector.

Topics include the need for union representation, underpayment, unfair dismissal, unequal pay for women, minimum rates of pay, poor accommodation and travel arrangements on tour, residuals, the ballet and contemporary dance award campaign, fighting victimisation and the Australian Ballet’s dancer’s strike, the 2 Years Too Waite campaign in theatre industry as well as safety and risk management for stunt actors.  Of particular note is Robert Allman talking about being sacked and left stranded in Perth for 10 days, which saw a group of them take refuge in a disused prison on Rottnest Island, due to a lack of money for accommodation.

The video includes interviews with a range of actors and performers as well as union officials. Individuals include, Michael Pate, Joan Carden, Robert Fagetter, Robert Allman, Jenny McNae, Joan Arnold, Marion Jacka, Lawrence Bennett, Liddy Clark, Michael Crosby, Claire Stonier-Kipen, Kim Walker, Craig Phillips, Terese Power, Anne Britton, Sandra Oldis, Teresa Blake, Narelle Arcidiacono, Dave Proudman, Peter Culpan, Robert Laurie, Simon Burke and Alan Fletcher.

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Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 9 mins 14 secs

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