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From the Fair Go For Billionaires campaign, this satirical commercial features a well dressed fictional mining magnate Alan Billson standing beside his Lamborghini in the driveway of his mansion, claiming that the Mining Tax undermines the sacred principle of tax minimization for the rich, “…this is not about the money, it’s about the principle…..someone as wealthy as me should be able to hire tax advisors to get me out of sharing that wealth with my fellow Australians. Now this new mining tax completely undermines that sacred principal.” Billson also tells us that he makes more than an individual makes in 3000 lifetimes. It concludes with the text ‘ABBOTT UNDERSTANDS’, indicating Abbott’s support for billionaire mining magnates.

Fair Go For Billionaires was a CFMEU – Mining & Energy Division campaign opposing Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s promise to repeal the new Resources Tax, thereby diverting tax dollars intended for public purposes back to rich and powerful mining companies.

Special Notes/Achievements

Manic Studios was established for the trade union movement with the goal of producing satirical films and videos for union campaigns. Charles Firth, an Australian comedian and member of the famed The Chaser satirical comedy show, was the company’s creative director.

Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 30 secs

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Film Producer: Piers Grove, Xanon Murphy,

Film Writer: Charles Firth, Paddy Gorman,

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