Naa Muru Gurung

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This feature length documentary tells the story of those who fought for the right of Aboriginal children to receive public education. The film traces a history of discrimination, prejudice and racism, which deprived Aboriginal children of an education. The film introduces a range of educators, social justice and indigenous activists, unionists and individuals who worked tirelessly to revolutionise Aboriginal education in New South Wales.  The film features the rise of Aboriginal teachers in the classroom and the communities they serve and inspire.

The film consists of interviews, historical footage and stills, as well as contemporary elements on location in schools, communities and their local environments.  Of particular interest is a closing scene on the beach, with whales breaching off shore, in which Aboriginal children learn about the significance of whales in their culture.

Topics covered include historical living and social conditions for Aborigines marked by discrimination and racism and a shortage of opportunities, the stolen generation, as well as the bigotry and violence meted out from white society.  The film then charts the breaking down of educational barriers and the trajectory of aboriginal teachers from humble beginnings, as well as Tranby adult education. The film goes on to discuss the introduction of Aboriginal studies and history in the curriculum, including Aboriginal culture and language.

Special Notes/Achievements

  • Broadcast on NITV in Australia.

Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 75 mins

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Film Executive Producer: Paddy Gorman, Piers Grove,

Film Cinematographer: Simon Smith, Ben Cunninngham,

Film Editor: Julie Beachu, Tristan Beacroft,

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