10 Years Of Struggle

Australian Workers Film Guide


An extended promotional video highlighting a decade of struggle by members of the Western Australian branch of Maritime Union of Australia to safe guard wages and conditions in the maritime sector.

The video begins with a segment about the negative effects of ‘scab’ labour, which is argued results in unscrupulous individuals joining forces with management to undercut wages and even assault workers. Combining protest footage and news coverage, the 2003 dispute over foreign workers in Western Australia is covered, along with a brief mention of the 2004 Woodside dispute, Work Choices, the 2008 offshore oil and gas EBA dispute, the 2010 stevedore EBA,  and disputes with Chevron and BHP. Union leaders talk about the importance of ground level industrial struggle, political and legal struggle and the struggle to ensure safety of workplaces. The video contains extensive footage of maritime ports, operations, the offshore oil and gas industry as well as protest demonstrations and marches.

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Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 14 mins 57 secs

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