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The ATUI Resource Library

Every year ATUI and its networks organise and host a range of in-person and online events as well as producing publications and resources. Over time this has built into a large collection of material to watch, listen and read, covering a wide range of topics to help build your union’s capacity to build power, campaign and grow.

The ATUI Library is an easily searchable online database to access these resources.

Some resources are for staff and officials of ACTU affiliate unions, and to access you will need to be logged in to the ATUI Learner Portal. If you’re an official or staff member of an ACTU affiliate union and don’t have an account, you can create one here.

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Recommended by ATUI:

Futures Network: A New Look at Union Power

Distinguished Professor Anthony Forsyth (RMIT College of Business and Law, author of The Future of Unions and Worker Representation - The Digital Picket Line) and Alison Rudman (Secretary, CFMEU Manufacturing NSW and PhD candidate, University of Sydney) talk about their work on case studies of union strategy, with a particular focus on how unions build and exercise power.

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Informal Workers: From Atomised Objects to Collective Subjects

University of Sydney, Wednesday 19 July 2023 This workshop organised jointly by the Sydney Employment Relations...

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Effective Onboarding of New Members

The ACTU Insights Team provided a summary of insights collected through their New Member Join...

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Futures Network: What is AI? Outline and example of its impact in the creative and information industries

Wednesday 11 October 2023, 3:00pm Rapid advances in AI and machine learning and its application...

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Futures Network: AI and algoritmic management

Wednesday 13 September, 10:30am-12:00pm AI is taking the world by storm, and revolutionising the world...

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Futures Network: Can unions use AI and ChatGPT to grow or lift capacity?

15 November 2024 This workshop, the third in a Futures Network series on AI, explored...

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Use it or Lose It: Education and Development of Delegates in Australian Unions

Based on interviews in 2022 and 2023 with educators, organisers, and union secretaries and assistant...

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Conviction Politics: multimedia resource

Introduction Conviction Politics is an international digital history project exploring the impact of radicals and...

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Rise! Empowering Australian Workers through the Collective Spirit and Collaborative Energy of Unions

Introduction The ‘Rise!’ discussion paper provides new insight into how unions can adapt to the...

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Masterclass for Activists: Ideas to Educate, Inspire and Change the World

Introduction This Masterclass series will inspire, educate and assist activists to become workplace and community...

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