Manic Studios – What Have Unions Ever Done For Us?

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This satirical commercial shows fictional mining magnate Alan Billson sitting in a dark and gloomy boardroom with lightning flashing outside, asking his younger executive group what unions have ever done for their workers. Much to his frustration they roll off a list of gains won by unions for workers, including paid maternity leave, superannuation, pensions, workers compensation, Medicare, the Awards system, occupational health and safety, paid annual leave as well as pay rises.

This spot was so successful that it was recreated by a number of foreign unions in different countries, including Germany, the United States and Sweden.

Special Notes/Achievements

Manic Studios was established for the trade union movement with the goal of producing satirical films and videos for union campaigns. Charles Firth, an Australian comedian and member of the famed The Chaser satirical comedy show, was the company’s creative director.

Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 2 mins 5 secs

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Film Producer: Piers Grove, Xanon Murphy,

Film Writer: Charles Firth, Paddy Gorman,

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