Interview With Jason Travis

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The worker was penalised for being injured, and it wasn’t his fault. He wasn’t in the union then. In his case, the company allocated blame for the injury as they saw fit according to AWA. Yet, the machine was improper and placed workers at risk. The employers knew that and some workers would not co-operate. It was about going home in one piece. His employers took money off him because of the accident. AWA agreements cannot always protect the worker, because of the danger of changing the meaning of contracts to suit the employer. All it takes is a change of management and situation to be exploited, cutting costs any which way they can. He thought he could handle his own case, his AWA/individual contract, but people should not try to do this. When something goes wrong they are on their own. The union has years of experience in these matters so the Union is the way to go. It’s a matter of protecting the worker’s rights, it’s a civil rights issue. Job security and individual contracts are not compatible. The Howard government have this fundamentally wrong and they disregard the common man. This appears to be part of a campaign for the union to keep Howard from being re-elected. 

Special Notes/Achievements

The interview appears scripted, as there are repeated takes on certain segments. Panoramic and some establishing shots, mixed with interview. Unedited.

Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 25 mins

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