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Video covers how the union is encouraging divers working in the field of recreational diving to join the union in Cairns. The union representative warns of divers being exposed to illegal or un-safe work practices going on in the diving industry, the employers not bothering to certify their divers or to train them properly. The aim is to make sure that a proportion of wages should go into training. Encourage first aid courses, a lot of people diving per day, so these divers need to be alert and trained properly. The union representative also warns of some intimidation by employers bullying workers wanting to join a union, and especially some bullying of women in the industry. Getting involved with the union helped many divers solve problems in the industry. 

Special Notes/Achievements

Part of a collection of short videos presented at the Maritime Union of Australia’s 2008 International Solidarity Conference.

Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 6 mins 29 secs

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