Open Cut Safety, Induction Training

Australian Workers Film Guide


Commissioned by the Joint Coal Board, this is a training film concerning open cut mining safety.  The film opens with open cut operations and mine trucks driving, then shows miners undergoing classroom training.  With dramatised overlay of miners in the field, topics covered include ear protection, helmets, safety boots, eye protection, open cut wall risks and the safe operation of trucks.  We see staged scenes of a miner being crushed by a mine truck, safe loading and unloading of trucks, braking and parking, which includes a bulldozer crushing a small vehicle. This is followed by scenes of various slips and falls, safe blasting rules, including an open cut blast, and working at night with reduced glare.

Special Notes/Achievements

This is the ninth of fifteen films in the Fitzgerald Collection.

Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 16 mins 38 secs

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