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In 2005 the Maritime Union of Australia ran a film competition to set up the Maritime Film Unit and the three winners travelled to Havana in Cuba to explore the activities of the maritime union there. The three wharfies and aspiring filmmakers were Viron Papadopoulos, Cooper Silk and John Teague.  They are accompanied on their journey by MUA member Mick Carr. The short film opens with the four men making the 48 hour flight to Cuba, followed by meetings with Cuban maritime officials where they discussed issues facing Cuban workers and maritime industry. On a visit to the port, they witness a dispute and help unload a ship, followed by attending a May Day parade at which Fidel Castro is present.

The impact of the 40 year US trade embargo on Cuba is explored and they pay a visit to a children’s hospital that is desperately short of medical supplies and equipment. In 1998, Tas Bull established the Cuban Children’s Fund to help acquire medical equipment for the hospital, and this trip was to re-affirm the MUA’s commitment. 

They join Dr Selman on a tour of the spartan hospital and learn of their needs. Along the way the doctor speaks highly of Tas Bull and how he taught them about the value of solidarity and helped them acquire medical equipment.  Upon discovering that the hospital needs an anesthetic monitoring machine, Mick Carr pledges to raise the needed funds. A subsequent campaign raises $US75,000 in six months and Carr returns to announce the donation.  Children at the hospital perform a traditional Latin dance, which greatly moves the men who attended.

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Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 13 mins 32 secs

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Film Director: Viron Papadopoulos, Cooper Silk, John Teague,

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