Farewell Jeff Lawrence

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A collection of tribute speeches to Jeff Lawrence at the ACTU Dinner on 16 August 2012. Speakers include Ged Kearney, Julia Gillard, Tim Lyons, Joe De Bruyn and Jeff Lawrence, with a video speech by Sharan Burrow.

Ged Kearney introduces Julia Gillard, who praises the achievements of the ACTU and the Labor Government. She also pays tribute to Jeff Lawrence, a man who has dedicated his life to working people, a quiet, patient and persistent man and for his contribution to the Fair Work Act

Tim Lyons praises Lawrence’s attention to detail, organisation and love of lists. Lawrence listens to staff, gives staff opportunities and advocates the need for a stronger and bigger union. Lyons concludes with a toast to Lawrence.

In a video presentation, Sharan Burrow praises achievements of Lawrence and his commitment to the low paid.

Joe De Bruyn outlines Lawrence’s education and career, including his time leading the Miscellaneous Workers Union, a formidable union fighting for the low paid. Comments on how Lawrence continued the good work of Greg Combet in furthering the Union Education Foundation. De Bruyn concludes by presenting a gift to Lawrence.

Jeff Lawrence thanks various people he has worked with. Talks about the Fair Work Act, ABCC dispute, extension of superannuation to 12%, focus on inequality. Talks of importance of bringing unions together, working to improve relationship with Unions NSW and how employers need to recognise the right to collective bargaining in Australia. To be relevant in the future, unions need to maintain capacity to independently campaign, retain union unity, focus on growth and be the main voice for a more equal society. The speeches end with Lawrence being applauded as he stands in the audience with Gillard clapping beside him.

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