Australian Workers Film Guide


Featuring iconic Australian actor Bryan Brown, this informational film demonstrates the dangers of excessive noise in the workplace and how this intersects with poor workplace culture and bullying in terms of adopting preventative measures to protect against hearing loss.

The plot revolves around a small metalwork factory, as two new employees start their first day on the job. The workshop is too noisy for dialogue so the workers communicate through facial expressions and gestures, with the new employees subjected to ridicule for attempting to follow safety rules by the wearing of hearing protection. In the face of intimidation and peer group pressure, the two new workers remove their hearing protection equipment and expose themselves to damaging noise levels, along with the rest of the workers. 

With the risks clearly established, the film demonstrates the consequences of hearing loss through a series of highly imaginative dream sequences where the lead actor, played by Brown, sees a future where he is denied promotions, can’t hear his mates in the pub, the proceedings at his daughter’s wedding or even his future grandchildren.  Realising what is at stake, Brown decides to don his hearing protection and facedown the workplace bullies, after which the principal bully also decides to wear hearing protection.

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Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 8 mins 48 secs

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