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An approach to member journey mapping for the union movement

Not all members are the same – so how can thoughtful research and building personas help?  This workshop will look at researching member experience, wants, needs and “pain points” to inform and craft their member journey.


An Approach to Member Journey Mapping in the Union Movement

This webinar guides participants to look at some approaches to mapping union member experiences to inform & craft ideal member journeys.


Data Campaigning, New Member Onboarding and Automated Member Journeys

This webinar looks at how to combine data with digital tools to produce usable recruitment lists, and how automated tools can help to turn a ‘maybe’ into a new member, as well as marketing automation tools that can be used in combination with insights about members to craft efficient and effective onboarding and member journeys.


Growth Battles to be Won

What are the battles that need to be won for unions to grow? How can unions position themselves to prospective members for relevance and effectiveness? How do future members perceive the value of union membership? And how can we improve the pathways to join? In this session, we’ll take you through the research underpinning the ACTU’s Brand Project, and discuss how unions can win the battle for growth.



Marketing Automation for Unions

How can unions use marketing automation tools to build their online campaigning and organising capacity to recruit members, leaders, and supporters? Stephen Gargano, Manager – Strategy, Projects and Development at the Union Innovation Hub gives an overview of marketing automation and how unions can use it, covering elements such as engagement, new member onboarding, mapping and journeys.


Recruiting Students to Union Membership

Whether it be targeting students at university or those about to enter their first apprenticeship, this session covers how unions have successfully organised young workers as they undergo education and training for their chosen profession.



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