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Data Campaigning, New Member Onboarding and Automated Member Journeys

This webinar looks at how to combine data with digital tools to produce usable recruitment lists, and how automated tools can help to turn a ‘maybe’ into a new member, as well as marketing automation tools that can be used in combination with insights about members to craft efficient and effective onboarding and member journeys.


Futures Network: A New Look at Union Power

Distinguished Professor Anthony Forsyth (RMIT College of Business and Law, author of The Future of Unions and Worker Representation - The Digital Picket Line) and Alison Rudman (Secretary, CFMEU Manufacturing NSW and PhD candidate, University of Sydney) talk about their work on case studies of union strategy, with a particular focus on how unions build and exercise power.


Futures Network: AI and algoritmic management

AI is taking the world by storm, and revolutionising the world of work in the process. Unions, like every sector of society, will need to find effective ways to respond. Across three workshops in September, October, and November, the Futures Network explored some of the most pressing questions relevant for unions in this emerging space. In this, the first of the series, a panel outlined key recent developments, how they impact workers and what needs to be considered in unions’ response.



Futures Network: New Digital Tools – AI chat and more

Over the course of 2023, new and innovative tools and technology were developed by affiliates and TLCs to support union campaigns. This workshop looks at some of the tools built for Unions for Yes, which could have ongoing application in digital campaigning across the movement.


Introduction to Digital Campaigning: An essential guide every union needs to get a winning online campaign started

A practical tool kit for organisers and campaigners in the field to help you win your online campaigns.



Masterclass for Activists: Ideas to Educate, Inspire and Change the World

This Masterclass podcast series aims to build the capabilities of civil society by inspiring, educating and equipping activists to become workplace and community leaders.



Organising Migrant Workers: Lessons Learnt Before and After Covid-19

In this webinar, the panel will discuss the drivers that make migrant workers vulnerable to workplace exploitation. Gabriela D’Souza discussed research and trends on temporary migration and how Covid-19 has affected migrants. Thomas Costa used the case of Visa Assist (that Unions NSW run together with the Immigration Advice and Rights Centre) to examine how unions can successfully engage with, organise and assist migrant workers.


The Campaign for Asbestos Justice and Workers’ Compensation

Read about and be inspired by the campaign by workers including Bernie Banton and their unions for justice for asbestos victims.



Zelda D’Aprano’s Equal Pay Protest

On 21 October 1969, legendary union activist Zelda D’Aprano chained herself to the doors of the Commonwealth Building to protest for Equal Pay! This is her remarkable story.


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