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Futures Network: AI and algoritmic management

AI is taking the world by storm, and revolutionising the world of work in the process. Unions, like every sector of society, will need to find effective ways to respond. Across three workshops in September, October, and November, the Futures Network explored some of the most pressing questions relevant for unions in this emerging space. In this, the first of the series, a panel outlined key recent developments, how they impact workers and what needs to be considered in unions’ response.



Futures Network: Can unions use AI and ChatGPT to grow or lift capacity?

This workshop, the third in a Futures Network series on AI, explored areas where unions could use ChatGPT and other AI, machine learning and large language models for growth, communications, campaigning and operations.


Futures Network: What is AI? Outline and example of its impact in the creative and information industries

Rapid advances in AI and machine learning and its application in the workplace has led to some highly visible disputes in film and creative industries over recent months – but these developments in technology are a continuation of change in workplaces in all industries. In this, the second of a series of three Futures Network meetings in 2023 devoted to a discussion of AI and its potential and pitfalls for workers, Conor Aitken, data specialist, cybersecurity consultant and member of Professionals Australia gives a glimpse "under the hood" of what AI actually is, while Niki Baras, a translator and interpreter and also organiser for Translators and Interpreters Australia (part of Professionals Australia) describes its impact on her industry and the union response.


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