Robo Nurse 2

Australian Workers Film Guide


This short film is a sci-fi spoof featuring robot nurses in a futuristic neo-conservative fascist society. These uncaring robots have taken over nursing and unions have been banned, prompting a rebel group of humans to infect the robot nurses with a caring virus. This is a sequel to Robo-Nurse (2009).

Special Notes/Achievements

  • Official selection – NSW Nurses and Midwives Association‘s Nurses & Midwives Short Film Festival (Aust), 2010
  • Second Prize, Nurses & Midwives Short Film Festival (Aust), 2010

Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 5 mins 5 secs

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Film Key Cast: Tracey Westwood – Robonurse, Monica Russell – Robonurse 2, Joanne Knight – Robonurse 3,

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