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“Pig Iron Bob” and the 1938 Port Kembla strike

The 1938 Dalfram dispute involved dock workers at Port Kembla in Australia striking & refusing to load iron on a ship bound for Japan in 1938.


1936 Maritime Strike by Torres Strait Islander Workers

Learn about the maritime strike in the Torres Strait Islands in 1936 where workers in the pearl fishing industry took a stand against racism.



21 April 1856 – Melbourne Stonemason’s take action for the 8-Hour Day

On 21 April in 1856, building workers in Melbourne took strike action and won the eight-hour day as a general industry standard.


Conviction Politics: multimedia resource

Conviction Politics is an international digital history project exploring the impact of radicals and rebels transported as political convicts to Australia on their place of exile, and the patterns of collective resistance by the mass of unfree convict women and women to the exploitation of their forced labour.



The Gurindji Strike, 1966

Learn about the Wave Hill walk off and strike in 1966 by the Gurindji people who fought for award wages, land rights and self-determination.


The Origins of May Day

The first of May has long been a day of celebration for the international workers’ movement. Why do we celebrate May Day?


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