Training Film For Union Delegates

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A CFMEU Mining & Energy Division short training film aimed at union delegates to assist them in the fight for better wages and conditions for their members across the country. The video covers a range of topics, including enterprise bargaining, the role of district leaders, breadth of industries under the union banner, health and safety, the role of check inspectors, community involvement of union leaders as well as international solidarity.

The video consists of still images of protesting workers, mine accidents as well as a wide range of interviews of CFMEU union officials, the General President Tony Maher and the General Secretary Andrew Vickers. There is footage of Tony Maher walking among the gravestones of fallen miners.

Special Notes/Achievements

Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 18 mins

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Film Director: Paddy Gorman, Russ Hermann,

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Film Writer: Paddy Gorman, Ray Barlar, Michael Weise,

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