The Great Strike Newsreels (1917)

Australian Workers Film Guide


Three silent newsreels produced by the Australasian Gazette during the Great Strike of 1917, which saw workers across Australia strike in support of striking workers at the Eveleigh Rail Yards and Randwick Tram Sheds in Sydney.  

The first newsreel title card declares, ‘The Strike Spreads – Produce Merchants undertake the Unloading of Perishables from Ships in Port’, followed by footage of men and boys unloading and stacking sacks on the waterfront. The second newsreel title card reads ‘100,000 People – Attend Meeting of Strikers in the Domain on Sunday Afternoon’, which is followed by footage of crowds gathered for a protest meeting. The third newsreel informs with the text ‘Lord Mayor’s Fund – For Relief of the Strikers’ Families – Stalls in Martin Place’, showing scenes of a flower stall, a military band playing and a monkey.


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