Negotiating In The Workplace

Australian Workers Film Guide


Set in a fictional hospital, this instructional video employs docudrama to assist in the training of union workplace representatives in the art of negotiating issues with management on behalf of their members. The plot concerns a hospital worker who is required to do workplace training that is beyond her paid hours, and which also imposes additional travel and childcare costs on the worker.  Speaking to her boss proves unsuccessful, so the worker enlists the support of her workplace union reps, which leads to resolving the issue through face-to-face negotiation with management. After initially being rebuffed by management, the union reps propose a solution that works for both parties bringing the dispute to an agreeable resolution.

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Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 14 mins 49 secs

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Film Key Cast: Cindy Pan – Anna, Julie Breen – Maggie, Lyn Collingwood – Christina, Duncan Piney - John, Todd MacDonald - Lenny,

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