Blood Is Thicker Than Oil

Australian Workers Film Guide


A 2003 short documentary about oil and gas company Esso Australia attempting to force its Bass Strait offshore oil rig workers to abandon their 7 day on/7 day off roster cycle in favour of a 14 day/14 day off roster, which threatens to seriously undermine family life. In a pub meeting and through direct interviews, workers and their wives talk about the potential destruction of their relationships and family ties, the difficulty of raising children when one parent is away as well as loneliness and separation. One worker asks how the bosses would feel being away from their families for 14 days straight. The film contains some beautifully shot rural scenes as workers and their families are profiled and speak about their fears.

Special Notes/Achievements

Author: J Bird, 2023

Duration: 15 mins 19 secs

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Film Producer: Melinda Jamieson, Nerida Lawton,

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Film Cinematographer: Josh Egan, Peter O’Doherty, Warren Tiedgen,

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Film Sound Recordist: Nick Hallam, Chris Coltman,

Film Composer: Shane O’Mara, Rebecca Barnard,

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