Black Gold Kindred Spirits Additional Interviews

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A selection of interview clips not included in the documentary Black Gold, Kindred Spirits.

Miner’s wife Jessie Hansen recalls speaking at the Ford factory during the 49 Strike, the dreaded mine whistle and waiting for her husband to come home from work as well as speaking at one of the theatres. Miner and union leader Eddie Harmer talks about the fortitude of the women of Wonthaggi, the pioneer spirit of the women. Miner Alan Birt talks about the Gunny Bag parade and getting food during strikes as well as the entertainment committee. He comments on the poor quality coal and faulting at the State Coal Mine’s last pit called Kirrak. Miner Fred Brown talks about solidarity and the close knit community and how he didn’t care about being called Red in Melbourne and getting tomatoes thrown at them. Miner George Kiely talks about strikes being provoked by mine owners to get the railway trucks in for the wheat harvest. Jim Mullins talks about conditions in the mine with some mines hot and dusty while in others water was dripping from the roof. He remembers the gas in the mine, which was ignited by miners’ lamps, as well as bubbles of gas coming up through water. Involved in local government and in transitioning the town to alternate industry and employment, he believed the closure of the mine was inevitable due to the advent of the diesel locomotive. Miner Jim Bromley talks about a mine accident involving a horse.

Special Notes/Achievements

This bonus material was created from footage and sound shot during production of Black Gold, Kindred Spirits. It was released in 2012 as bonus material on the Black Gold, Kindred Spirits DVD.

Author: J Bird, 2023

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