Refunds and Cancelation Policy and Procedure

To receive a full course refund, participants must cancel their enrolment at least ten working days prior to course commencement. 

Notification of enrolment cancellation must be submitted in writing to [email protected]

Fees cannot be refunded, waived or transferred if notification is received after this date. In the event that a participant cannot attend after that date, a suitable candidate may attend in their place.

As delivery of our courses is dependent on sufficient enrolments, this policy is necessary to ensure the viability of our courses for other enrolled participants. 

Participants will receive confirmation of course delivery two weeks prior to course commencement. If participants are traveling from interstate to attend courses, travel arrangements should not be made before the course has been confirmed in writing.

The ATUI does not acknowledge liability for reimbursement of lost flight/accommodation costs where travel arrangements are made prior to course confirmation.

Qualifications (where applicable) are issued once total fees have been paid.