Organiser Induction

This course will explore the values that underpin unionism and develop basic skills and knowledge to get you started on your journey as a union Organiser.



Intended Audience

Organisers and Campaigners

Delivery Mode



1 day




This course is recommended to be undertaken by newly-appointed Organisers in the first month on the job.

It will explore the values that underpin unionism and give you basic skills and knowledge to get you started on your journey as a union Organiser. It will also look at the structure of unions and critique the political context of organising work.

As well as equipping you with organising tools, you will learn about the industrial and legislative framework in which our work is embedded and the pathways to resolution and member representation within this framework. 


By the end of this course, participants should be able to: 


  • Identify union values and important union campaigns over history 
  • Describe the role and democratic structure of unions and the political nature of union organising  
  • Define workplace mapping and explain its purpose 
  • Identify the industrial instruments that cover workers’ pay and conditions 
  • Find awards and agreements and navigate them effectively to locate specific clauses and provisions 
  • Identify different pathways to resolution of workplace issues 
  • Discuss challenges and risks new Organisers face 
  • Identify ways to mitigate risks including building support structures and debriefing frameworks 


Union values

Values and principles that underpin unionism
Campaigns fought by unions through history

Structure of unions

Nature of unions as democratic organisations with elected officials

Role of the Organiser

Political nature of organising work
Our responsibilities to members and the elected leadership

Workplace mapping

The purpose and types of workplace maps

The industrial framework and pathways to resolution

The NES, awards, enterprise agreements and the BOOT
Workplace and organising solutions

WHS for Organisers

Staying for the long haul- self-care, boundaries and debrief frameworks

Delivery Style

This course will draw on participants’ work and life experiences, using a range of methods including video, discussion, slides, and group work.



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Course Enrolment

This course is offered as a stand-alone course. Submit an Expression of Interest by emailing [email protected].

It is also offered in the Organiser Pathway: Twelve Month Program as a bundled discount.