Lead Organiser Development Program

This course will develops skills in planning, staff professional development, and systems of supervision and management.



Intended Audience

Organisers and Campaigners

Delivery Mode



5 days




The course aims to build the skills of Organisers who supervise other organising staff. The course aims to build effectiveness and accountability in Organisers, assist in building good corporate governance in unions, and to promote professional practice in representational work.

The duration and delivery of the program can be tailored to unions and participants’ professional development needs.


By the end of this course, participants should be able to: 


  • Define what is necessary to effectively lead and manage the union 
  • Assess the current strengths and weaknesses of how the union plans, manages and develops all levels
  • Describe the components of the role of leader in the union 
  • List the components of successful change and success 
  • Explain the importance of staff having clear goals, clear roles and a clear purpose to activities 
  • Identify barriers to organisers working in ways necessary to implement plans 
  • Describe strategies to overcome barriers, including strategies to overcome the servicing and bargaining load 
  • Describe how a leader can operate in a way which enables staff to develop strategic and critical thinking 


Role of a Lead Organiser

Barriers and hurdles Organisers face in carrying out the “ideal” role

Urgent versus Important

How work is prioritised and strategies for enabling strategic work to be prioritised

Planning – Industry Planning

Importance of industry planning and the risks involved in not taking an industry-wide approach to organising and building power

Organiser Development

Developing Organisers taking account of barriers and learning preferences


Theory of development: 70:20:10 (formal and informal learning)

Briefing and Debriefing

Handing over responsibility to Organisers to implement the plan
Debriefing – Accountability to the plan and follow up

Delivery Style

This course draws on participants’ work and life experiences and uses a range of methodologies to make learning relevant and engaging including video, discussion, slides, and group work.

The course will utilise an authentic case study as the basis for industry-wide research.


Experience on the ground as an Organiser.

It is recommended that participants have completed the Organiser Pathway courses, Organising Works program, or equivalent training to better support and mentor developing Organisers.

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