Climate Action for Unionists

This course will teach fundamental knowledge about climate change science and the impacts the climate emergency has on workers and workplaces.


Social and History

Intended Audience

Delegates and Activists, Organisers and Campaigners

Delivery Mode



2 x 4 hours




In this course, you will acquire fundamental knowledge about climate change science including the latest research. 

The course will cover the impacts the climate emergency has on workers, their workplaces, their communities and identify those workers and communities most at risk. It will explore actions workers can take to climate-proof their workplaces and actions to support ambitious climate policy to tackle the climate emergency. 


By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the causes of global warming and sources of emissions 
  • Identify what the latest climate science means in terms of climate impacts and risks 
  • Explain why climate change matters to workers, and the disproportionate impacts of climate change on vulnerable and marginal groups 
  • Describe how workers can leverage power to climate-proof workplaces 
  • Identify opportunities to tackle climate action in collective agreements 
  • Contribute to reducing climate hazards at work 
  • Identify how neoliberalism has framed the narrative on climate shifting focus away from big polluters and industry to individuals  
  • Identify the union movement’s key policy and campaign areas to obtain climate justice for workers and communities 


Climate science and impacts on work and workers

The latest research on climate science and how Australia and the world is tracking
Why is climate change union business?

Industry policy on climate change

Opportunities for workers in decarbonisation of the economy

Climate proofing your workplace

Reducing environmental impacts at work
Bargaining for climate action in enterprise agreements

Delivery Style

The delivery style combines presentations from our expert facilitators along with discussion and group work to enable practical application to the workplace. 


Dan Sherrell

Senior Climate and Policy Officer


Colin Long

Just Transitions Organiser




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