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As you are aware the Secure Jobs and Better Pay Bill has been passed. This Act introduces the most significant changes to our industrial relations laws since the FWA was first introduced. 

Register Now to attend the Leaders Strategy Meeting 

20-21 February, Melbourne. 

This strategy meeting is open to all Executive members, National, State, Branch and TLC secretaries. Leaders are invited to bring one additional representative from their union to participate in the strategy meeting.  

All Leaders will be involved in strategy discussions around how we best test and use the new laws to deliver strong and lasting improvements to members’ working conditions and union growth and organising. 

Leaders will work together across their industries to engage in a series of small group discussions. Leaders will have an opportunity to take a deep dive into each of the areas of the new laws and explore how they could be leveraged or utilised to best deliver improved wages, working conditions and union growth. Ideas will be shared and opportunities to organise and campaign together identified. 

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Leaders Strategy Meeting Registration Form

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I will be attending the dinner on the night of Monday 20th February (Venue TBC)

IR Law Forum Series

To ensure that the time that we have together at the Leaders Strategy Meeting is focussed on strategic discussion, Leaders Strategy Meeting attendees are asked to have participated in the five required attendance modules of the IR Law Forum Series being held online from 6-17 February.

The Forum Series will provide essential briefings of the new laws to enable unions to consider the opportunities that the new laws present for their organising and members, ahead of our joint strategy discussions at the Leaders Strategy Meeting.

Please note that the IR Law Forum Series briefings are open to all National, State, Branch and TLC secretaries, Leaders Strategy Meeting attendees and other key personnel from your union who will be involved in your union’s internal strategic considerations of working with the new laws.

I understand that I need to complete the 5 required modules of the IR Law Forum Series briefings before the strategy meeting.

Program Selection

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I will attend the following sessions
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Option 1

Session  Content  Date  
Session 1:  Respect @ work  FDV Leave  Respect @ work changes  Prohibiting sexual harassment   Tuesday 7/2  1-2pm  
Session 2:  Gender Equity  Expert Panels  Equal remuneration  Flexible work (arbitral power)  Unpaid parental leave (arbitral power)  Pay secrecy  Wednesday 8/2  1-2pm   
Session 3:  Bargaining 1  Understanding the 4 streams of bargaining   Single enterprise bargaining  Single interest bargaining  Supported bargaining  Cooperative bargaining  Majority Support Determinations  Thursday 9/2  1-3pm  
Session 4:  Bargaining 2:  Taking Action   Industrial Action  Conciliation and Protected Action Ballots  Friday 10/2  1-2pm  
Session 5:    Bargaining 3:   Approval of agreements and Better Off Overall   Better off Overall Test  Approval of agreements and amending errors in agreements  Monday 13/2  1-2pm  

Option 2

Leaders Strategy Workshop pre-attendance Intensive  FDV Leave  
Respect @ work changes  
Prohibiting sexual harassment  
Expert Panels  Equal remuneration  
Flexible work (arbitral power)  
Unpaid parental leave (arbitral power)  
Pay secrecy  
Single enterprise bargaining  
Single interest bargaining  
Supported bargaining  
Cooperative bargaining  
Majority Support Determination  
Industrial Action  Conciliation and Protected Action Ballots  
Better off Overall Test  
Approval of agreements and amending errors in agreements  
Tuesday 14/2  10am – 4pm  (Break 12-1pm)   

Elective Modules

Construction Industry Forum  The National Construction Industry Forum  ABCC Functions to FWO  Wednesday 8/2  10 -11 am    
Compliance changes  Roc functions to FWC  Wednesday 8/2  3 – 4pm