Workplace Health & Safety for Organisers

The Health and Safety for Organisers course introduces organisers to the opportunities and legal frameworks for organising around health and safety issues. It helps organisers understand the differences between health and safety and industrial laws, and how good health and safety structures in workplaces support workers.

About this course:

This course introduces organisers to the opportunities and legal frameworks for organising around health and safety issues. Understand your legislative obligations around the election and training of health and safety representatives, and why this is vital in the formation of effective workplace organising committees.

You will learn how to navigate health and safety laws – while distinguishing them from industrial laws  under the Fair Work Act – as you build you working knowledge of risk identification, as well as due diligence, and right of entry procedures. In doing so you can ensure there are strong health and safety structures in place to support workers, and that employers understand their obligation to consult with workers on matters that could impact health and safety.


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Course Audience:


Course Delivery:

On demand (several hours)

Course Cost:

$88.00 (GST inclusive)

Digital Badge:

Yes - Digital badge awarded upon completion

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Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Consider the opportunities that exist for organising around health and safety;
  • Compare and contrast workplace health and safety laws and the Fair Work Act;
  • Understand the duties employers have to create and maintain safe workplaces for their workers;
  • Examine the rights of union organisers – with and without a health and safety permit; Understand the importance of worker representation in workplace health and safety matters;
  • Know how to negotiate worker representation, including work groups and electing health and safety representatives (HSRs);
  • Know how to run an election for HSRs and Deputy HSR; Explore examples of how a union delegate can approach management and how union organisers can support newly elected health and safety representatives;
  • Know how to request training for HSRs and identify organising opportunities when the employer is being uncooperative;
  • Explore examples of HSRs negotiating with management to secure the training of their choice and know how organisers can support them in this process;
  • Explore the process of consultation and employer obligations within that process;
  • Identify organising opportunities within the consultation process;
  • Explore examples of workplace delegates and HSRs working together to initiate the consultation process;
  • Know how to organise around workplace health and safety issues; and
  • Gain a basic understanding of risk identification, hierarchy of controls, due diligence and right of entry.