Power at Work: Next Steps for Delegates

This course will take a practical approach to developing your delegate communication and organising methods.



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Delegates and Activists

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3 days




This course builds on what you learned in Core Skills for Delegates to focus on building union power at your workplace. In this course we will take a practical approach to developing your union communication and organising methods. You will learn skills to effectively negotiate, bargain and campaign with members.

We will explore how to create democratic approaches to WHS and work with WHS reps at your workplace to win strong outcomes for members. This course will develop your leadership skills as a delegate so you can build confidence in others to contribute, stand together, and act as part of the union.


By the end of this course participants will be able to: 

  • Articulate theories of negotiation  
  • Negotiate with employers on behalf of members at the worksite 
  • Articulate the role of the delegate in workplace bargaining and campaigning
  • Demonstrate confidence in leading workplace organising campaigns and bargaining
  • Plan for and develop structures to develop activism and share union responsibility
  • Run effective workplace meetings
  • Articulate and build skills in using WHS can be used to build power and work with WHS representatives 


Big picture issues for Delegates

Our context
Core Skills for Delegates – Review

Communications and Conversations

Storytelling and educating others


Problem solving and grievance handling
Organising using WHS

Building power

Identifying activists and empowering others

Bargaining and campaigns

Running worksite meetings
Negotiation skills
Negotiation practice

Planning for action

Next steps back at work

Delivery Style

Along with content delivery through relevant digital resources, the course will rely heavily on teacher-led facilitated discussion, activities, small group work and use of case studies.


None. It is recommended new Delegates complete Core Skills for Delegates before enrolling in this course.

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11 – 12 September | 9:00am to 5:00pm

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