Organiser Pathways Level 4: Craft of Organising

The Craft of Organising course is a two-part course for experienced organisers that further develops participants’ skills and knowledge in organising theory and practice, in the context of the current workplace relations system.

About this course:

Craft of Organising is the final tier in the Institute’s Organiser Pathway, catering to proficient and experienced organisers. The course develops participants’ capacity to take responsibility for planning and executing campaigns, extends conversation and messaging skills,  develops strategies around long-term leadership and organisational structures in the workplace.

Participants will also gain an understanding of how unions can act strategically at an industry level, as well as how to make use of effective communication techniques when planning and facilitating campaigns.

This course is delivered over two workshops (4 days each) which take place approximately one month apart.

Course Audience:


Course Delivery:

8 days (in person)

Course Cost:

$1,265.00 (incld GST)

Digital Badge:

Yes - Digital badge awarded upon completion

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Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of Craft of Organising participants will be able to confidently:

  • Explain the challenges facing unionised workers at an industry level and what can be done to confront them;
  • Identify the relationship between workplace plans and unions’ broader strategies in the relevant industry, and build this into organising messages
  • Apply principals of adult education to the work they do with workers and activists;
  • Establish and develop durable and representative organisational structures and communication networks in workplaces;
  • Develop the skills of workplace leaders and other members to analyse workplace issues and act independently to address them;
  • Assess employer strategies and tactics and the develop a range of methods with which to combat them;
  • Describe and apply elements of strategic campaigning; and
  • Discuss the importance of framing in communication strategies and demonstrate effective reframing.