Certificate of Executive Management and Development for Union Leaders

The Certificate of Executive Management and Development comprises core modules, electives and masterclasses purposefully contextualised for Union Leader needs, equipping them with the practical skills and capabilities to lead in an accelerating and complex world.

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About this course:

The Certificate of Executive Management and Development comprises core modules and electives purposefully contextualised for the needs of union leaders, equipping them with the practical skills and capabilities to lead in an accelerating and complex world.

Watch the information session held on Wednesday 1 February 2023 with Professor Nick Wailes, Academic Director of the program here.

Classes for the 2023 intake commenced on 7 March 2023 and enrolments are now closed.

You can lodge an expression of interest for the 2024 program here, or begin to enrol in course electives conducted from June – October 2023 which can contribute toward your completion of the CEMD in a future year.

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Course Audience:

Union leaders

Course Delivery:

12 months (in person & via zoom)

Course Cost:

from $6,600.00 (GST inclusive)

Course Accreditation:


Digital Badge:

Yes - Digital badge awarded upon completion

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Learning Outcomes:



Australian Industrial Relations System

Course structure

  • History and traditions of Australian trade union leadership
  • Overview of the economic, industrial and political context in which union leaders now operate
  • Current issues in the IR system and the union movement’s response
  • Video interviews with key national players.


Welcome webinar  – Tue 7 March 2023, 12-1pm
2nd Webinar – Thur 9 Mar 12-1.30pm
3rd Webinar – Tue 14 Mar 12-1.30pm
4th Webinar – Wed 15 Mar 12-1.30pm



Media and Communications Strategies

Peter Fisher

Course structure

  • Crafting and articulating your message
  • Understanding how the media works and how to make it work for you (former journalists)
  • Doorstop exercise (live exercise involving dealing with media pack)
  • Sourcing and using publicly available data to support strategy, campaigning and bargaining.


Welcome webinar – Wed 12 Apr 2023 12-1pm
2nd  Webinar – Mon 17 Apr 12-1.30pm
3rd Webinar – Wed 26 Apr 12-1.30pm
4th Webinar – Wed 28 Apr 12-1.30pm



Leading in Complex Environments

Prof Nick Wailes

Course structure

  • Leading during uncertainty and fostering innovation
  • Video interviews with commentators and leaders.


Welcome webinar – Tue 9 May, 12-1pm
Workshop 1 – Wed 10 May 12-1.30pm
Workshop 2 – Mon 22 May 12-1.30pm
Workshop 3 – Thurs 25 May 12-1.30pm



Adaptive Leadership (two days face to face).

Course structure

  • This unique, highly immersive and experiential program will challenge you to become a stronger, more agile leader, extend beyond your current expertise, improve organisational performance and drive transformation.
  • This core module will conclude the 2023 CEMD program.


Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 November.

University of NSW Sydney CBD Campus, Level 6/1 O’Connell St, Sydney NSW


Elective Subjects

Read more about Certificate of Executive Management and Development electives here.


Elective 1: Negotiation Essentials

The course is designed for managers seeking the skills to persuade, influence and negotiate to achieve stronger outcomes and maximise value in any scenario. Your organisation will benefit from having team members and managers who are able to prevent unnecessary conflict, resolve immediate conflict, build effective working relationships, and identify near and long-term opportunities to maximise value.

Elective Dates:

Welcome – Thur 8 Jun 12-1:00pm
2nd Webinar – Thur 15 Jun 12-1:30pm
3rd Webinar – Tue 27 Jun 12-1:30pm
4th Webinar – Fri 30 Jun 12-1:30pm


Elective 2: Leading for High Performance

A positive team culture can drive performance, increase innovation, engagement, and productivity and attract and retain high performers. This course will equip you with a practical toolkit to enhance your people management skills and shape a performance culture within your team or business unit to maximise performance.

Elective Dates:

Welcome – Wed 9 Aug 12-1pm
2nd Webinar – Thur 17 Aug 12-1.30pm
3rd Webinar – Tue 22 Aug 12-1.30pm
4th Webinar – Fri 25 Aug 12-1.30pm


Elective 3: Finance Essentials

Knowing how to interpret, analyse and evaluate key financials is a critical skill at all levels of an organisation, but accounting and finance, with its own particular language, can seem like a whole different world. This course is designed for those who wants to understand accounting reports to make more informed business decisions and communicate with the finance team with confidence.

Elective Dates:

Welcome – Fri 8 Sep 12-1pm
2nd Webinar – Fri 15 Sep 12-1.30pm
3rd Webinar – Tue 19 Sep 12-1.30pm
4th Webinar – Fri 22 Sep 12-1.30pm

Elective 4: Implementing Strategy for Results

Leaders require the tools to assess, interpret and implement an organisations strategy in the context of their role, so they can contribute positively to the realisation of the organisation’s objectives. The course will assist you to understand why strategy is important, how it relates to different stakeholders and parts of an organisation and how to translate strategy into action.

Elective Dates:

Welcome – Tue 3 Oct 12-1pm
2nd Webinar – Tue 10 Oct 12-1.30pm
3rd Webinar – Tue 17 Oct 12-1.30pm
4th Webinar – Tue 24 Oct 12-1.30pm



Credit And Pathways

Upon successful completion of the CEMD, participants will be issued with a credential and digital badge to acknowledge completion of their learning. The CEMD provides two course credits into the four course AGSM Graduate Certificate of Management and the AGSM MBA.


The total cost of the full Certificate of Executive Management and Development is $6,600 incl GST.

Email [email protected] for more information.

Download the 2023 brochure here.