About this course:

Building Union is the second level of the ATUI’s Organiser Pathway – a pathway designed to equip organisers with the practical skills they need to excel in the vital role they play within the movement.

As an early-career organiser, you will have the opportunity to increase your capacity and confidence in the work you do. Build your organising skills so you can effectively problem-solve, support dispute resolution, and participate in bargaining and negotiation processes.

This course is offered in two blocks of three-day training over two consecutive weeks via face-to-face or two blocks of four-day training over two consecutive weeks via zoom.

Course Audience:


Course Delivery:

8 days via zoom or 6 days in person

Course Cost:

$660.00 via zoom or $1,265.00 in person (GST inclusive)

Digital Badge:

Yes - Digital badge awarded upon completion

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Learning Outcomes:

During this course, participants will:

  • Develop the skills necessary to use workplace issues to recruit new members;
  • Have the skills required to develop the capacity of union delegates and workplace activists to participate in dispute resolution and collective negotiations;
  • Be equipped to discern from members the key issues most relevant to specific workplaces and how these can be used for recruitment and campaigning;
  • Gain an in-depth awareness of the process of industrial relations bargaining in Australia and how this has changed over time; and
  • Develop core skills in negotiating processes and how these apply to practical situations.

This course is delivered with the support of The Union Education Foundation (TUEF) and The Australian Government Productivity Education and Training (PET) Fund.