1912 Brisbane general strike

January 20, 2021

Can you imagine being fired from your job simply for wearing a union badge?That’s what…

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The 1936 Maritime Strike by Torres Strait Islander workers

January 12, 2021

Today we remember the beginning of the 1936 Maritime Strike by Torres Strait Islander workers….

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The campaign for paid parental leave

January 7, 2021

For more than thirty years Australian unions campaigned for a paid parental leave scheme.Before the…

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The 1972 Equal Pay decision

December 15, 2020

In December of 1972, the Arbitration Commission handed down its historic decision in favour of…

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Unions win the 38-hour work week

December 7, 2020

In December 1981, a union campaign led to metal workers winning the 38-hour working week.Their…

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The Eureka Stockade

December 2, 2020

Today we commemorate the Eureka Stockade – the rebellion on the goldfields in 1854.In 1851…

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Your Rights at Work victorious!

November 24, 2020

On the 24th of November 2007, the union movement delivered a massive defeat to the…

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Remembering Ted Grayndler

October 9, 2020

Today we remember the significant contribution made to the Australian union movement by Ted Grayndler…

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Jennie George is elected ACTU President

September 28, 2020

On the 29th of September 1995, Jennie George became the first woman to be elected…

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Albert Monk: a lifetime of unionism

September 14, 2020

Today we are remembering Albert Monk, who served as both Secretary and President of the…

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