Advocacy Masterclass Melbourne

Tuesday 15 August & Wednesday 16 August

The program is aimed at refreshing and building our Advocacy capability as we prepare to engage more with the Fair Work Commission, following the recent and ongoing changes to the Fair Work Act as a result of the ‘Secure Jobs Better Pay’ legislation.

The Minister for Workplace Relations has foreshadowed additional changes, and we need to be fully-prepared as a movement to advocate effectively in a shifting environment.

The program will run across two consecutive afternoons from 1:00pm to 6:00pm in Melbourne on Tuesday 15 August and Wednesday 16 August.

There are a total of 25 places available and expressions of interest will be closing on Tuesday 25 July. Click the button below to fill out your details and express your interest. Please keep in mind that given the limited numbers, only one person from each Branch/State of a union can be enrolled for 2023. We hope to run this again in the future so anyone who misses out this year will have the opportunity again.

A fee of $550 (including GST) will be charged per reservation to cover costs.


Day 1

Session 1: Advocacy Skills – Rachel Doyle SC

Session 2: Evidence Part 1 – Kate Burke

Session 3: Evidence Part 2 – Kate Burke

Day 2

Session 4: Evidence Part 3 – Craig Dowling SC

Session 5: Applied Advocacy 1

  • Pay Equity – Iain Ross and Bernadette O’Neill
  • Invisible Skills – Associate Professor Ann Junor

Session 6: Applied Advocacy 2 – Repairing the Safety Net – Iain Ross